Valuation Projects

We continually in alignment of latest evolution in the industry and participate in tools, techniques and new technologies to strengthen our skills and expertise. Our valuer’s broad experience and market intelligence will give the best for our clients.

Our major valuation exercises after pandemic are as follow :

Appointed by Malakoff Corporation Berhad (public listed company) collaborate with Irhamy Valuers International to value assets & business losses for compensation purposes in Taiping, Perak.
Engaged by Yusri Maju Sdn Bhd (listed in Ace Market Malaysia – 1 of 6 PDA’s license holder) to assess business losses for compensation purposes of ECRL .
Prepared a Market Study to propose Mix-Housing Project in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Kuala Lumpur.
Engaged by Yeli Investment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd to value commercial reclaimed land for purchase consideration purposes in Melaka.
Assigned by Lembaga Tabung Amanah Warisan Negeri Terengganu (LTAWNT) & Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang Negeri Terengganu to value business asset for internal management purposes.
Elected by Majlis Perbandaran Temerloh, Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands and Majlis Perbandaran Sepang to conduct valuation more than 60,000 holdings for rating purposes.
Conducted a valuation of Awesome Cyberjaya Resort for court auction and debt settlement purposes.
Our past year major valuation exercises amongst other are as follows;

Lot PT 22184 & 22185 Mukim of Kapar, District of Klang, Selangor “Proposed Jetty Terminal”


Estate Land Lot PT 2623, Mukim Johol (205 acres), Lot 5207, Mukim Pedas (203 acres), Lot 8036, Mukim Juasseh (250 acres), PT 2185, Mukim Johol (500 acres)


Valuation of Lot 87532, Lot 87533 & Lot 87534 Mukim & District of Klang, Selangor “Industrial Land ”


Valuation of Part of Lot 11758, Section 2, Bandar Hulu Klang, District of Gombak, Selangor


Valuation of MSU Medical Centre and The Residence Building, University Drive, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor) In the Town of Shah Alam, District of Petaling, State Of Selangor”


Valuation of Palas Condominium, Lorong Palas, Off Jalan Ampang, [Comprises of an En-Block 24 Storey Condominium Tower Comprising 72 Condominium Units and 4 Penthouse Units

GDV : RM96,500,000

Valuation, Market & Feasibility Study of JRK Celestia Condominium, Puchong on Lot 44593, Puchong, Mukim Petaling, Selangor “Development Land”


Valuation, Market & Feasibility Study of Kristal 2 Condominium, on Lot 012549665, Off Jalan Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Land acquisition in Selangor (DASH, DUKE II, EKVE, WCE, MRT, ECRL, Projek Tebatan Banjir), Perak (WCE), Terengganu and Kelantan (ECRL, LPT 2, CSR, PLSB)
more than 3,000 claimants’ interests.